Our managed DSL internet plans

TopQuality provides ADSL/VDSL internet connections to business, education and charitable customers wanting a fast, reliable internet connection with 24/7 support. None of our internet plans are rate limited or throttled, to ensure you always get full speed on your internet connection. Whether you are a light or a heavy user, our network will be able to accommodate your needs. All of our prices below are GST inclusive - so you know exactly how much your internet access will cost.

All of our internet plans are fully managed. We monitor all connections 24/7 to ensure that you don't experience any problems. We also understand that you are not a technician. If you have any outages or problems, we'll be happy to come out to your premises and fix this for you. We operate out of our offices on the North Shore of Auckland, so you don't have to deal with overseas call-centers. How great is that?

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How fast is it?

We test average speed of our clients connections from time to time. Below are tests taken from Ookla's SpeedTest.net which show our latest results:



Select a Set Plan

Small Business
25GB Data
1 Phone Line
$85 ADSL | $95 VDSL
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Medium Business
80GB Data
1 Phone Line / 1 Fax2Email Line
$115 ADSL | $125 VDSL
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Large Business
200GB Data
2 Phone Lines / 1 Fax2Email Line
$165 ADSL / $175 VDSL
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Features on all of our internet plans

  • Fully managed connections
  • Static IP on all plans
  • 5 free email addresses
  • Modem included
  • We provide you with a domain name (i.e yourname.co.nz)
  • Low setup fee of $199
  • Free on-site setup