SchoolNET. It's here.

Introducing our latest product to hit the market - SchoolNET. The fully modular, low-cost, easy way for schools to manage their IT systems. From computer hardware and software, right through to VoIP phone systems & internet, SchoolNET will cover you completely for any needs you may have to ensure that you can get on with teaching, while we deal with your IT.

How does it work?

SchoolNET is based on our popular ITComplete product which is an enterprise level solution for business clients. We have customised SchoolNET completely over almost two years of pilot school trials to be able to introduce the solution to schools today.

A SchoolNET plan bundles computer sales / rental, on-site and remote IT support and management, networks, websites, email, cloud services, VoIP and internet. Each plan is fully customised to meet the needs of your school.

Supported by our North Shore based 24/7 on-call technical team, SchoolNET aims to ensure that your systems are running at their maximum potential around the clock.

Why do you need SchoolNET??

Schools are incredibly vital organisations. Just like businesses, schools these days not only rely on IT to complete their administration work or to contact outside parties, but for the education of our future generations. In this technological age, we believe that schools need to be running at their absolute maximum technological potential each and every day.

We have priced SchoolNET at almost 50% less than our regular price points to ensure that schools can recieve enterprise level support at prices that they can afford.

We are already with another scheme, is it compatible?

Our SchoolNET plan is compatible with most other IT Schemes run in schools over New Zealand. We have currently tested and used SchoolNET with TELA computers, SNUP Networks, Microsoft School Software Agreement applications, Google Apps, Office 365 and Network4Learning.

SchoolNET functions with Mac based, Windows based or Linux based systems.

Why should I choose you over another IT provider?

Here at TopQuality, we believe in personal, prompt service. We're a small, tight-knit, knowledgeable team who take pride in offering the best products to our clients. We're 100% confident that our custom built product for New Zealand schools will provide cost effective solutions to all of your IT needs. We're so confident in our product and team that we won't lock you into any long term contracts. We know you won't want to leave, but if you do, we won't stop you. Simply give us 30 days notice.

Who qualifies for SchoolNET?

Any New Zealand based educational institution is eligible for SchoolNET. We also are happy to extend SchoolNET coverage to commercial learning centers and non-profit organisations in some circumstances. Please feel free to contact our sales department and schedule a meeting with one of our team members to see if SchoolNET will work for you.