Our managed MLPPP internet plans

TopQuality is bringing MLPPP technology to New Zealand! With the Ultra-Fast Broadband roll-out not expected to be completed until 2019, we understand that businesses need fast internet, and they need it now.

MLPPP (Multi-Link Point to Point Protocol) is a technology which allows us to bond multiple ADSL or VDSL connections into one larger connection to increase speed and also to provide reliability with a fail-over system. The MLPPP service has been used extensively in the USA for the past five years and we're bringing it to New Zealand businesses in 2014!

MLPPP does not yet have exact speeds, however we can provide between 1 and 4 connections to create maximum approximate speeds as follows:

- VDSL: 30Mbit Download + 10Mbit Upload x4 = 120Mbit Download, 40Mbit Upload
- ADSL: 20Mbit Download + 1Mbit Upload x4 = 80Mbit Download, 4Mbit Upload

We're currently still testing this system. If you would like more information or to apply to become a tester, please contact a member of the sales team.

How fast is it?

During our first trials, we took a few tests for speeds under different MLPPP scenarios. Below are tests taken from Ookla's SpeedTest.net which show our latest results:

MLPPP Triple Connection Test:

MLPPP Dual Connection Test:


Features on all of our Internet plans

  • Fully managed connections
  • Static IP on all plans
  • 5 free email addresses
  • We provide a domain name (i.e yourname.co.nz)
  • We provide all required equipment