MonitorMe? What is it?

MonitorMe is a new service which is planned for launch in late 2015. MonitorMe takes the monitoring aspect from our popular ITComplete service for small businesses who don't want managed services, but still enjoy having the piece of mind that their IT will be taken care of when they need it.

How does it work?

You let us know how many computers you have. We bring in a monitoring device and it reports back to us with the status of your computers on a regular basis. There's no cost to you other than the cost of the original monitoring device which is currently estimated at $199.

Why do you need MonitorMe?

MonitorMe is a good idea for any business. It allows us to monitor the vital signs of your computers so you can be assured that any problems are detected before they become serious. MonitorMe is a completely automated system that reports back to us if there is an issue. We then inform you of the issue so you can decide if you would like it repaired. At a cost of $0 per month there's no reason not to have it!

When can I sign up?

MonitorMe is currently not taking sign-ups as it's still in the development stage, however you are more than welcome to leave your details with our sales team and they will contact you as soon as sign-ups are being accepted.