Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Voice over internet protocol – or VoIP, is the new way phone services are being delivered. You keep the same number, and even the same phone handset. Instead of analogue signals traveling down copper cable, they travel over the internet via your Fibre internet connection. As this requires less upkeep than copper, VoIP phone lines are cheaper, both in call charges and monthly fees!

We utilise the largest VoIP network in New Zealand to deliver calls and ensure you get great quality, service and features from your phone lines. We include a cloud based PABX with all numbers to provide you with the professional look and functionality that all businesses desire.

Moving to VoIP can be a major cost reduction for businesses, and we've found that switching from POTS (plain old telephone system) to VoIP can incur cost savings of up to 85% over regular monthly and calling charges. Both voice & fax can both be run over VoIP.

We suggest bundling VoIP with our DSL or Fibre internet plans. Need help choosing what you require or want to find out more? Contact our sales team today for an obligation-free quote.

Create your own VoIP Setup

How many phone lines?
Help: Select the number of lines you need. Each line includes 5 concurrent calls.
How many fax lines?
Help: Do you need fax lines? We can provide Fax2Email or normal VoIP2Faxmachine lines.
How many local minutes?
Help: Please select the number of local minutes required. Your first 2,000 minutes with each line are free each month.
How many national minutes?
Help: Please select the number of national (within New Zealand) minutes you require.
How many mobile minutes?
Help: Please select the number of New Zealand mobile minutes you require.

Features of our VoIP plans

  • Cloud PABX with every number
  • Localised or toll-free numbers available
  • Free caller ID
  • Unlimited free voicemail
  • Compatible with any internet connection